“…Mississippi is a profitable business. We wonder whether education is only incidental to the Board of Trustees of Harvard University.”

– Bob Moses and James Forman, Letter to Harvard University, 1964

DESCRIPTION: [Under construction] This interactive map visualizes Friends of SNCC Chapters and their regional campus networks. The red dots represent Friends of SNCC Chapters and the black lines to the blue dots represent the ways these chapters were used to recruit students for the 1964 Mississippi Summer Project. The yellow dot in the is the Volunteer Orientation in Miami, Ohio. Click on the dot to explore more about how SNCC prepared volunteers for work in Mississippi.

SOURCES: Oral History Interviews, conducted by David S. Busch; “Who Participated in the Freedom Summer,” Wisconsin Historical Society. Mary Aickin Rothschild papers, 1965-1974; Archives Main Stacks, SC632, Wisconsin Historical Society; Files of Jan Hillegas, Jackson, Mississippi.
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