“The Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee owes its very existence to the college campuses and no matter how we may be organizing in communities, no matter how deep our roots may go into the people in the Black Belt, we started growing this little tree of protest in the college communities, we were supported by the Northern college communities, and in fact our name implies that we were intended primarily to be some coordinating body of students of the South.”

– James Forman, SNCC, 1964

DESCRIPTION: [Under construction] This interactive map visualizes SNCC’s projects and Friends of SNCC Chapter network from 1960 to 1965. Click on the green dots to learn more about SNCC projects throughout the South and the red dots to learn more about the work of Friends of SNCC chapters. The yellow dot represents SNCC’s National Office in Atlanta, which served as the key hub for SNCC’s Campus Network. Click on the yellow dot to learn more about how Friends of SNCC chapters operated and supported the work SNCC in the American South.

SOURCE: James Forman Papers, Box 20, Folder 13, Library of Congress; “Friends of SNCC Groups,” Civil Rights Movement Veterans Website, Tougaloo College
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